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Maltepoo Female Puppies

The Female Maltipoo
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The Female Maltipoo
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This is copywrited material by  and owner  ,Do NOT USE !
All Maltipoo ...all the time ...
That is a female .I am here ,this is mine ,that is mine ,you are mine  !
A two year old that is very aware of who she is and why she is here .To OWN US ! That's why !
Female maltipoos are sweet ,loyal and demanding .
From birth ,they control the males in the litter .
They think being bossy is a right that only they have and they use it !
Personality is what I call it , yet it stems from a deeper source .
In the Wild ,the female would find a den ,have her babies ,protect them ,hunt for food for them and herself and sometimes even the male and make sure no other prey would enter her area .
Alot for one small dog ,right ? ...
When we started the process of domesticating the dog ,we could breed in some traits ,like them depending on Humans for food,water ,guidence ,training ,friendship (never ownership ) and love .
Yet we could not breed out some traits...instinct that still provides the dog with part of what they really are.
I use humans as examples of what dogs act like ...
A woman .... grace ,beauty , this is my kitchen ..GET OUT OF IT ! ( no insult intended to any woman ,but we do protect our domains ,whether it be children, kitchen or husband or all three and more )  A woman is many things but territorial is one of our born instincts that we use to the max and most of us Enjoy that use too !
Women are the bossy one in the family ,shoes and coats  go in the closet ,sweep up that mess you made , clean your room ,get home early tonight we have company coming ..etc...

A female maltipoo ...grace ,beauty ...that is my toy ,my bed ,MY HUMAN ! GO AWAY !  Just as protective of her domain as a woman ,because it is instinct that cannot be 'bred out " .
Sweep up the mess I made ,get me a drink ,take me out to walk ,hold me ,see me ...I have arrived !
Female maltipoos make great pals for anyone . But they tend to choose a person as theirs ,may even be one that doesn't want to be chosen ,but guess what , you are .
They will love all members of the family ,but that one person they will watch for ,cry for ,live for and to the chargrin of many other family members ,most of the time if their person is around , that is where the female will be .
I tend to tell people ,if you want an all round family dog ,get a male ,if ya want a boss ,get a female ..
They will lighten up your life , make you smile ,make you proud ...they are loving ,happy and live life to the fullest !
Females are all that and more ...They are Maltipoo and proud of it !


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