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Maltepoo Female Puppies

Why SO Many Names ,Prices and More Information

ABOUT US ,please read first
The Female Maltipoo
Maltipoo Delivery Dates
Why SO Many Names ,Prices and More Information
Our Rules and Other Information

The Maltipoo ...other wise known as ...well ...malt-i-poo , maltepoo ,maltapoo ,malt-a-poo ,multipoo ,maltoodle ,maltdoodle ,maltese-poodle and in Europe sometimes as Moodle ...
Why ?
Your guess is as good as mine . Alot has to do with sales tactics . Alot is just plain out silliness and alot is someone just could not spell hence ..multipoo ...doesn't even fit .But seems to work ..
Who named the first maltipoo ?  No one knows .
I ask CKC once in an email why the spelling they used was spelled with an a ?  They replied a simple answer . The first breeder to send us forms ,we used that spelling .
So why so many different names for the same dog ?
Breeders !!!!!

Info On Maltipoos
Prices from
Alot have asked why mine are a little higher than some .
There are several reasons .
Ours get all their shots ,are wormed ,vetted
and we keep them longer . So the food we feed which is very expensive costs us more .
We don't pull our puppies and see them off at 6 to 8 weeks old .
Call a vet ,ask how much it is for 2 more rounds of vaccines , rabbies shot ,bordatella shot and microchipped ,add the food cost(Eukanuba or Science Diet )  for another 4 to 6 weeks or more ,the best wormer which is drontal Plus ,revolution and then see if you are really saving a thing ..I can say now ,you aren't .
So ,go with us for your puppy,you will pay less that way ,cause yours won't die of Parvo .
Have a great day !

Past Maltipoo Puppies


Our Maltipoos are vetted , 3 rounds of Parvo /distemper (Fort Dodge ) , Bordatella Shot , Rabbies and Microchipped .
Our puppies do not leave until after 12 weeks of age .
Bonding with your puppy
Some say a puppy will not bond with a human if it is older than 6 to 10 weeks of age .
Oh how WRONG that is !
If that were the case you could not bond with a dog from a rescue or pound . a dog will bond if they are well socialized .
Ours are .
Be assured ,if you love your puppy it will bond with you .
Our vet is Williams Animal Clinic ...Dr Williams or Dr Holder
256-574-6214 call them and ask about Shirley's puppies .

Clcik here for the Childrens Hour


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