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Maltepoo Female Puppies

Maltipoo Delivery Dates
ABOUT US ,please read first
The Female Maltipoo
Maltipoo Delivery Dates
Why SO Many Names ,Prices and More Information
Our Rules and Other Information

Dates set for these available puppies will be on this page .
Please look below for dates  .
Please note ,these dates can be change to a degree if not good for your schedule .Please get in touch asap ...If a balance is due on already sold puppies ,please pay now .If you are purchasing a puppy ,   live in or near these areas and would like delivery on these dates let us know ,
BALANCES DUE ...during the month of October 2008 ,any purchase you make  ,your balance is  due in full .NO exceptions !
Rules on October and November Dates for pickups and deliveries .........
We will deliver only on weekends .
Pickups are scheduled on weekdays ,at least 3 days notice will be given .
We live in Grant Alabama .....
If we are going to Mississippi or anywhere west  and you live in Texas ,La, OK , etc .....we willschedule all western deliveries at the same time of Maltipoos  because that makes it easier on us and cheaper on you for travel cost as you would split that with another if going west .
...For Texas ....We usually deliver to the Houston ,Dallas and Austin ,San Antonio areas ...Farther west would have to be extra as it is in miles and time for us extra .
Anywhere in the Northeast we usualy meet in Manassas Va ,a suburb of DC area .
We can go farther ,but again ,the cost to you is extra .


Kaylee's Female to be delivered to Ms to Sandra October 12th,2008

Clcik here for the Childrens Hour


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